Your logistics enterprise needs to operate with clockwork precision to ensure smooth and timely freight movement from the point of origin to destination. You need real-time visibility into capacity, demand, and the supply chain to manage freight orders, shipment, and resource allocation.

Kosoft offers advanced technology solutions to navigate the dynamics of freight transportation. Our digital tools automate processes for document processing and verification, planning and scheduling, and demand matching and forecasting. Our ecosystem ensures smarter fleet maintenance, improves asset utilization, and drives sustainable operations.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core

Reinforces the business with robotic process automation for seamless freight booking and track-and-trace capabilities, as well as predictive insights to minimize handling costs, optimize routing, and meet cargo delivery timelines.

Agile digital at scale

Reenergizes enterprise expertise through robust data management, cognitive automation, cloud-based analytics, and simulation techniques. Further, advanced visualization tools enable data-driven decisions.

Always-on learning

Re-skills the workforce through training in the use of machine learning algorithms and data science across the value chain.

Kosoft modernizes legacy infrastructure and ERP systems at logistics enterprises, including courier and parcel express services, 3 / 4 PL service providers, railroad networks, marine carriers, terminal operators, and multimodal service providers.

Experience : Differentiate customer service with mobile-first portals, chatbots and voice interfaces.

Insights : Gain a real-time view of carrier capacity and global demand.

Innovate : Leverage blockchain-as-a-service to monitor the freight journey and manage multi-tenant trade contracts.

Accelerate : Create a digital marketplace to better manage capacity and resources.

Assure : Ensure cargo traceability, while safeguarding data privacy.